Artificial Intelligence

Computer processing speed has expanded to the point that it rivals the synaptic speed of the human brain. Rest easy, it’s unlikely that computers will be able to rival relational, spatial, or creative thinking anytime soon. However, AI will continue to gain share in tackling rules-based tasks and developing algorithmic tools to analyze vast pools of data. IBM’s Watson is the AI application that is familiar to most, and outside of Jeopardy competitions, it has been applied mainly to medical diagnosis determinations. But many other companies are incorporating AI into their product offerings. Over the next ten years, JAG expects AI to gradually
take-over many current software applications.

*Representative Tickers: IBM, AMZN, CRM, AAPL, GOOGL, AAPL, MSFT, NVDA, TSLA

Industrial Automation

The robots are coming! That’s what you hear in sensational media reports. In actuality, the robots have been here for a while. Production lines have added robotic welders and material handling equipment over the last several decades. The robots are increasingly efficient and reliable, making them an easier return on investment decision. What’s newer is that robots are becoming mobile. Mobility is bringing robots into new applications, everything from warehouse stocking, firefighting, bomb-sniffing, and – ultimately over the next ten years – fully autonomous cars and trucks.

*Representative Tickers: ROK, ABB, FANUY, IRBT, ISRG, MZOR, TSLA