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Fixed Income Investment Strategies

Manage and mitigate risk while striving to maximize your total returns with intermediate fixed income investment strategies.

Choose A Steadfast and Stable Intermediate Fixed Income Strategy Firm

We believe bond portfolios should provide you with stability, consistency, and income. Our taxable intermediate fixed income solutions seek to maximize your total returns while mitigating risk.

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Intermediate-Term Duration

Insulate portfolios from potentially incorrect active yield-curve bets relative to the benchmark with a consistent +/- 1-year duration profile — regardless of the yield-curve backdrop.

Exposure to Corporate Credit

Aim to reduce interest rate risk and enhance portfolio yield with consistent overweight to corporate securities versus the benchmark and exposure to high-yield securities.

Focused, Security-Specific Portfolios

Strive to generate alpha from individual security selection (as opposed to macro or derivative-based bets) with a team that relies on managing focused, security-specific portfolios.

Seek a Reliable Source of Income

Your investment team helps you mitigate risk while seeking maximum returns.

We’re value-centric bond investors. Our bottom-up, research-driven investment process results in focused and diversified portfolios of individual bonds that strive to deliver a reliable source of portfolio income for you while minimizing interest rate risk.

Balance Risk and Reward with Research-Driven Intermediate Fixed Income Investments

Each portfolio position we take seeks to compensate for the risk we assume as creditors. Our credit research process focuses on mitigating the risk of permanent loss of capital — a common occurrence during bankruptcy or restructuring events. Choose intermediate fixed income strategies from a team that examines all of the factors: cash flow source, cash flow use, balance sheet strength, capital structure transparency, sales and EBITDA trends, and more.

Sustainable Intermediate Fixed Income Firm Options

For select, qualified clients, JAG Capital Management offers separately managed portfolios with customizable duration, credit quality, and ESG and SRI characteristics.

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Explore the past performance of our intermediate fixed income strategies and find out just what exceeding expectations can look like.

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Seek Consistent and Reliable Total Returns

With a portfolio built by a research-driven intermediate fixed income firm, you create stable growth potential.

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