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Grow your wealth with private wealth management designed for families and individuals.

Flourish with Expert Wealth Advice for Families

Build a lasting legacy. Protect your hard-earned wealth.

Your financial portfolio starts with you—your story and your goals. That’s why we begin every client relationship with a conversation.

With a nuanced understanding of your investment needs and priorities, a top-notch research team, and extraordinary client service, we help you make sound, enduring financial decisions.

Rely On Our Responsible Stewardship

Your lifestyle should improve with age. Our investment approach is designed to address capital preservation along with prudent growth for individuals and families.

Customize Your Portfolio

Build a custom wealth management portfolio using separately managed accounts that addresses your goals, adapts with shifting priorities, and makes an impact.

Maximize Your Tax Efficiency

Curate investment portfolios that are sensitive to minimizing taxes, and leverage relationships with your estate attorneys and CPAs with our expert guidance and coordination to best serve your long-term interests.

Respond To Economic Shifts & Opportunities

Capitalize on new market opportunities and mitigate risk by using our pragmatic, flexible investment philosophy, designed to maximize your investments.

Get Personalized, Ongoing Financial Guidance for Families & Individuals

Don’t accept generic advice.

You have unique needs and goals. So, imposing a formulaic asset allocation model on you or selling other firms’ products just doesn’t make sense.

You deserve a customized portfolio built to last. We’re patient when investing new money, and we transition existing portfolios in a tax-sensitive, disciplined manner so you benefit from every opportunity.

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Stay Informed with Private Wealth Management for Families

Get the critical information you need to stay up to date on the economy and market shifts. Our value-added insights digest the constant flow information to give you the essentials.

We grant you unfettered access to our investment research team and portfolio managers. Call your personal advisor for real-time insights.

Get Advice on Every Financial Line

We attend to every detail.

When you partner with JAG Private Wealth, you gain a dedicated team of financial coaches who are attentive to your every financial need.

Get support in every financial decision you make. Aim to maximize your gains and live your life to the fullest—​today and every day moving forward.

Work With Us

Investment Management

Invest with confidence. Partner with a private wealth firm experienced in navigating markets to build growth equity portfolios for families and individuals that aim to outperform.

Retirement Planning

When you are ready to retire, you and your family should continue to enjoy the lifestyle for which you’ve worked. We build portfolios designed to meet these goals.

Estate Planning

Plan for the long-term management of your assets and estate to ensure your material wealth is distributed in the way you see fit.

Legacy Planning

Make a plan to transition your wealth to the people and institutions that will strengthen your legacy and make a long-lasting impact on the world.

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You can pick up the phone anytime and speak directly with the team that makes the daily decisions for your portfolio—buying, selling, or holding stocks.

Converse openly, ask questions or get insight into our rationale. We’re here for you.

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