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Centrally located in the Midwest, serving individuals and organizations across the nation.

JAG Leadership

Meet the JAG Leadership team.

Norm Conley

CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Kate Hurt

Senior Vice President of Operations

Dave Kingston

Director of Fixed Income

Roberta Maue

Senior Vice President, Director of Equity Trading & Portfolio Operations

Debbie Mertz, JAG CFO

Debbie Mertz

Chief Financial Officer

James Sindelar, VP, Director of Business Development

James Sindelar

Senior Vice President, Strategic Relationships

Alan Vogt

Vice President, Managing Director of
Fixed Income

Michael P. Walsh

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Meet The Professionals at JAG

Our experienced team of talented and dedicated professionals works every day to build on JAG’s legacy of service and commitment to our clients. We employ a collaborative approach to developing in-depth research that varies from consensus.

Bob Berger

Fixed Income Trading Assistant &
Portfolio Database Administrator

Eric Bruce

Operations Assistant

Mike Buck, CFA®

Quantitative Analyst

Adam Dobin

Adam Dobin

Investment Operations Specialist

John Krueger, CFA®

Equity Research Analyst

George Margvelashvili, CFA®

Equity Research Analyst

Tucker O'Neil

Equity Research Analyst

Charles O'Rourke, CFA®

Fixed Income Analyst

Connor Pastoor, CTFA

Wealth Advisor

David Patritti

Senior Financial Advisor

Sandy Shotwell

Vice President, Director of Institutional Client Service

Matthew R. Walsh

Vice President, Portfolio Manager

Kelly Yovandich

Assistant to the CEO & Client Service Coordinator

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