Portfolio Management for Institutions and Intermediaries

Striving to drive long-term portfolio growth for institutions, and their advisory teams.

Seek Success From Portfolio Management Advisors

Meet and exceed your organization’s long-term financial objectives.

Work with a firm experienced in the oversight of a significant institutional investment portfolio. We offer a consistent and disciplined investment approach and a long-term outlook, all while managing risk and helping you meet your goals.

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Get Deeper Visibility Into Performance

When your next quarterly meeting arrives, you’ll already know how your portfolio is performing.

Connect with Advisors Anytime

Our team is your team, and we’re always available — anytime, anywhere — to offer support and service.

Work with an Independent Advisor

Expect more from independent advisors. We structure our own portfolios to capitalize on every opportunity.

Adapt to Changes in the Market

Use active investment strategies that evolve to fit the market and your changing needs.

Strategies for Advisors, Foundations, and Religious Organizations

Portfolio management advisors with a focus on your needs.

With experience working with the many parties involved in building institutional wealth, our team of portfolio management advisors are prepared to connect with you and align our custom-curated portfolios to your institutional-level goals.

Advisors and Consultants

Offer your institutional clients access to strategic options custom-created by our portfolio management advisors.

Help Your Institutional Clients

Endowments, Foundations and Nonprofits

Align your investments to your mission with high-quality ESG and SRI investment options.

Align Your Investments

Religious Organizations

Work with a firm historically connected to the investment future of religious organizations.

Secure Your Organization’s Future

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Gain Confidence with Portfolio Management Advisors Who Customize Your Experience

Your organization deserves a personalized portfolio.

Customize your portfolio to meet your goals and align to your mission. Our experienced institutional portfolio managers are always accessible and provide a valuable voice when communicating with boards, investment committees, and stakeholders.

Get More than a Data Point. Get Value-Added Research Insights.

Data is everywhere. What you need is insight. Get the news filtered down to the essentials, so you can stay informed about what’s important.

Attend to Your Client’s Mission as a Religious or Not-for-Profit Organization

Our foundation is you.

Back in 1945, when JAG first opened its doors, religious organizations made up more than 90% of our clients. While we have since opened our doors wider to support even more types of institutions, we continue to offer specialized investment services to religious and women’s religious institutions.

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Give Your Organization the Care it Deserves

Use our carefully-curated, process-driven investment strategies to reach your long-term investment goals.

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