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With more than seven decades of experience serving non-profits, endowments, and foundations, JAG specializes in helping organizations meet their mission-based goals and challenges.

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We serve as an extension of your internal staff, solving problems, improving processes, and communicating to stakeholders. We help your staff go the extra mile, even when capacity is stretched.

Balance Your Objectives

Dual investment objectives of growth and income can cause tension. JAG seeks a sensible and balanced approach as we build investment portfolios.

Define Investment Policy

Take control of your investment policy with a team experienced in developing robust and straightforward governance for proper stewardship of your portfolios.

Focus on Mission

Our team is here to help you achieve better investment outcomes so you can focus on mission, not markets.

Social Investing for Non-Profits, Endowments & Foundations

Your Structure and Mission Matters.

We understand your mission and structure drive your investment objectives. We have a long history of superior client service and implementation of socially responsible guidelines into our investment process, and a desire to work with you to achieve your goals now and in the future.

While we often customize our SRI screens based upon client-specific guidelines, we have long prohibited against the ownership of equity positions in shares of companies engaged in the manufacture of distilled spirits, tobacco products, and offensive weaponry. Many of our clients have zero tolerance policies on their exclusionary screens. However, our suite of tools allows us to use customized revenue-based thresholds if a client prefers to take a revenue-based “worst offenders” approach to exclusions.

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