Investment Strategies

Explore our independently-curated active investment strategies.

Expect More with Active Investment Strategies

Invest in individual companies, hand-selected by our expert analysts.

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Curated Portfolios

Partner with an active advisory firm, with analysts who constantly monitor and improve portfolios to maximize long-term returns.

Our Strategies are Our Own

“We eat our own cooking.” Our strategies are developed in-house and used by members of the JAG team for our own investments.

Striving to Meet Your Goals

Our portfolios and performance are not beholden to benchmarks; instead, we aim to add value by finding and exploiting  opportunities.

Structured around Opportunities

Capitalize on opportunities with a portfolio strategically built around high-quality growth equity investments & value-centric fixed income investments.

Tech-supported Investments

Our intentional use of technology enables the investment team to make timely and prudent decisions.


Simple. Made to Work.

Your portfolio is designed to succeed while minimizing complexity. This speeds up our ability to adapt on your behalf.

Minimize Cognitive Bias with Process-Driven Portfolio Curation

Make smarter investment decisions.

Anyone can invest in stocks and attend to the daily influx of data, but our analysts know how to filter that data, silence bias, and make non-emotional decisions that aim to create wealth for our clients.

Meet Norm Conley, CEO & CIO  |  3:18

Explore Our Active Investment Strategies

Find a carefully-curated, active investment strategy that aligns to your long-term needs.

Growth Equity Strategies

Seek compelling price appreciation potential with our growth equity strategies.

Fixed Income Strategies

Mitigate interest rate risk with our steadfastly intermediate duration fixed income solutions.

ESG & SRI Investing

Customize your portfolio with specific socially responsible and environmental, social, and governance guidelines.

Culture of Service

We have always believed that our commitment to delivering superior service is an important differentiator.

“In practice, this means that we commit to making our investment decision-makers accessible and accountable to all of our clients. Our focused staff and our flat, client-facing organizational structure support our goals of delivering superb service—every day and all the time. We view ourselves as an extension of our clients’ professional staff and encourage them to rely upon us to help solve problems and streamline processes.”

Meet The Rest Of The Team

Norm Conley Headshot
Norm Conley

CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Rely on Tested Processes and a Drive to Succeed

Partner with advisors and analysts experienced in assessing the markets and finding opportunities from which you benefit.

Filter The Data

The amount of data available is overwhelming, which is why working with a partner who knows how to sift through incoming information is so important.

Identify Opportunities

Detecting opportunities in the market means experience — and success — finding and capitalizing on opportunities in all kinds of market environments.

Take Actionable Steps

Once we’ve spotted an opportunity, we take a process-driven approach to structuring a strategy that exploits that opportunity to its fullest.

Build Active Portfolios

We aim to create active investment strategies that take advantage of opportunities and market conditions to best serve our clients.


Adapt to New Insights

Conditions change, and we adjust our strategies and portfolio to adapt to these changes. That’s the benefit of a nimble active investment partner.

Stay Up-to-Date on Market News

Check out our quarterly commentary and blog for insightful capital management news.

Invest with Confidence in our Active Investment Strategies

Use our process-driven investment strategies to reach your long-term investment goals.

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