Adaptive Yield meets current and projected income needs at a prudent amount of risk and volatility.

The strategy targets a distributable yield of 4% over the 10-year Treasury rate, selecting from a global universe of publicly traded, income-oriented investments with exposure to convertible securities, corporate, agency, municipal and government bonds, preferreds, warrants, corporate and consumer credit, equity REITs, mortgage REITs, hybrid REITs, and business development companies, among others.

Adaptive Yield investments actively respond and adapt to economic and market changes through a disciplined, repeatable process and the strategy is an effective tool over many interest rate environments.


Adaptive Yield Performance

Supplemental Performance Returns

 JAG AY NetJAG AY GrossBbg Barclays Aggregate Bond Index 
1Q 201912.94%13.21%2.32%
Information for period(s) ending June 30, 2019 (Returns greater than 1 year annualized)
2Q 20192.49%2.49%3.08%
1 Year 9.77%10.58%7.87%
3 Year6.22%7.19%2.31%
12/31/15 to 6/30/196.86%7.85%3.50%
Calendar Year Returns*Distributable Yield
* Distributable Yield is calculated based on the actual distributions received for the calendar year divided by the average market value of the portfolio for the year, measured as the average of the beginning market value and the ending market value for the year

Returns presented are gross and net of fees and include the reinvestment of all income. Gross returns are shown as supplemental information, as bundled fee accounts are stated gross of all fees and transaction costs. Net of fee performance was calculated using the highest applicable annual wrap fee, applied monthly. Wrap fee schedules are provided by independent wrap sponsors and are available upon request from the respective wrap sponsor.

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