Business Continuity Plan Summary

Business Continuity

JAG Capital Management, LLC maintains a business continuity plan outlining the actions we will take in the event of a building, city-wide or regional incident. The plan includes relocating strategic personnel to an alternate facility with the technological capability to enable us to establish normal communications, thus enabling resumption of the ability to conduct most phases of our business operations.

Customer Contact

In the event of a building, city-wide or regional incident JAGCM intends to stay in business with varying recovery times for incidents to our building, business district or city. An incident of regional significance could result in delays of a longer period of time. Customers will be provided with emergency contact numbers for their sales professional if possible. Calls to our main office number (314) 997-1277 will be forwarded to our recovery site. We will post alternative means of communicating with us on our website at

Customer Support

In the event we experience a significant business interruption and you are unable to reach us, you may contact the custodian on your account directly to process limited trade-related transactions, cash disbursements and security transfers.

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