Disclosures re: MSRB Rule G-43

J.A. Glynn Investments LLC., is a FINRA registered broker/dealer. In its sometime role as a Municipal Securities Broker’s Broker (MSBB), J.A. Glynn acts exclusively as an agent or riskless principal in the purchase or sale of municipal bonds on behalf of undisclosed principals that are registered brokers, dealers, or municipal securities dealers. When acting as a MSBB, J.A. Glynn does not position municipal securities, participate in syndicates, hold customer funds or safe keep customer securities, rather it acts in the limited capacity of providing anonymity, communication, and contemporaneously matched orders for its clients. J.A. Glynn does not exercise discretion as to the price or time at which its MSSB customers’ transactions are executed. As a MSBB, J.A. Glynn is compensated solely through markups which are negotiated with its clients on a transaction by transaction basis and which, in every case, shall not exceed 3% of the total market value of the securities being transacted.

Pursuant to Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board (“MSRB”) Rule G-43, J.A. Glynn & Co. will make a reasonable effort to obtain a price for its MSBB clients that is fair and reasonable in relation to prevailing market conditions.

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