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Mike Kimbarovsky

Managing Director & Portfolio Manager

Mike Kimbarovsky is a Managing Director of JAG Capital Management (JAG) and serves on JAG’s Senior Management Committee. He is also the lead Portfolio Manager for multiple investment strategies.

Mike worked previously at Geneva Advisors, which was acquired by CIBC Bank. Prior to that, he was a principal and co-owner of Advocate Asset Management LLC, a wealth manager for high net worth families and institutions where he was a senior portfolio manager for the firm’s investment strategies in conjunction with developing highly custom client solutions.

Earlier in his career, Mike was a managing director of Extenxion LLC, a consulting firm providing strategy services to the financial industry. Before that, he worked in the proprietary trading desk and merchant energy trading industry in the role of risk management, developing metrics to integrate exchange-traded and OTC on-balance sheet and off-balance sheet risk exposures for natural gas, electricity, weather, and liquids trading. Prior to that, Mike was president of Hedge Fund Research (HFR), where he structured and launched several innovative fund products, including the first hedge fund indices in the industry and various multi-manager fund strategies. Mike also developed an industry-first daily transparency process and technology platform for evaluating and monitoring portfolio risk characteristics for billions of investment assets.

Mike received a BA in Economics from Northwestern University and an MBA with honors from the University of Chicago.

Mike likes to spend time biking, sailing, hiking with his family, and tinkering on various unfinished projects.

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